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You're stood at the end of the pier, watching the ship depart, the crew embarking on a great adventure. As you look out into the endless sea you ask what wonders lie just beyond the horizon.

Third Pier Theatre was founded in 2018 by Daniel Hird as a platform to bring inspiring, avant-garde work to those who have been told that theatre isn't for them.

We believe in art's unique ability to expand our imagination and broaden our horizons. To that end, we are committed to exploring new frontiers in medium, in writing, in performance, and in our relationship with the audience. We keep our own team deliberately small, providing plenty of space to work with artists from a variety of disciplines to explore new ideas and cross creative boundaries on a project-to-project basis.

We also believe in empowering freelance artists to help build their careers at every stage. For this, we offer a growing list of professional development services to help artists get their work seen, and develop their portfolios.

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