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"I set my ambitions high...
Now I'm scared to look down."

An ambitious performer, an unlikely stalker, and a terrifying new bundle of joy. 

My Esteemed Friend tells the story of Daniel, an ambitious wannabe performer who is forced to change the trajectory of his life after learning of an unplanned pregnancy. desperate for answers, he looks back at his own life, and the strange local eccentric who's story seems to mirror his own.

Through ornate storytelling, and abstract sound design, the audience connects the dots between the narratives, creating a complete look at the identities we create for ourselves, the nature of responsibility, sacrifice, love, and regret.

My Esteemed Friend debuted and the Brighton Fringe and went on to rave reviews at the Prague Fringe. 

MY ESTEEMED FRIEND is absolutely electric – bathed in magical mystery, raw and honest in it's ties back to the real world. Hird will transport you somewhere other-worldly, and you’ll never come back the same.

- BingeFringe -


Writer and Performer

Daniel Hird is an actor and theatre-maker from Dundee. Before training at Manchester School of Theatre, Daniel had performed in theatres across the UK and Europe in Fringe productions, Shakespeare adaptations, as well as his own solo work; and has worked with the BBC in on-screen and voiceover roles. Daniel has gone on to tour OLD BONES to festivals across the UK, and continues his stage work with a recent role in Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit. His writing debut MY ESTEEMED FRIEND premiered at Brighton and Prague Fringe festivals and received rave reviews from critics and audiences.

Director and Collaborator

Zoey Barnes is a working class, neurodivergent director and theatre maker from Manchester. She has a First Class BA in Drama and an MA in Professional Acting. After leaving drama school she created her first show AUSTEN POWER, directed SIRENS for Hung Theatre and numerous short plays showing at 53Two and Hope Mill Theatre. She was director and dramaturg on SKANK; a one woman show created by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves which toured venues such as The Lowry and Pleasance (Edinburgh and London), was published, and received an Offies nomination. She and Clementine are currently working on Please Love Me which premiered at Pleasance Dome at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe.

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