Scratches in the Dark

by Daniel Hird

"Would you like to hear one? One of my attempts at self-reflection?

Maybe you can tell me if I’m on the right track." - CAS

Scratches in the Dark tells the story of Cas, a woman with an impossible task, and Gem, the woman who has come to take over. Inspired by real eulogies, this story examines the stories we tell about ourselves, about each other, and the legacies we leave behind after we're gone.

Originally conceived as a stage play, the restrictions around meeting in public places implemented at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that developing the piece would be impossible. It was then decided that the script would be re-worked to serve as an audio play.

Though we do intend to develop Scratches in the Dark into a full live production, we feel that the audio play, initially intended as a proof of concept, stands on its own as a representation of the current state of the project, and as a hint of what is to come.

Beth Lily-Banks as Cas

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Amelia Lloyd as Gem

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